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Heating with Biomass

Biomass heating is an increasingly popular carbon neutral alternative form of heat generation for both businesses and home owners. Biomass is biological material derived from living, or recently living organisms. It most often refers to plants or plant-based materials. The most popular choice of Biomass fuel is wood pellets followed by logs and chips. A low carbon option, the carbon dioxide emitted when wood fuel is burned is the same amount that was absorbed over the life of the tree itself. Providing that new plants continue to grow in place of those used for fuel, the process is sustainable. Unlike other renewable energy options, wood can be stockpiled so you can use it when you need it.

Pellet & chip boilers and stoves

Pellet Stove:
A pellet stove is a great alternative to a log burner, considerably more convenient and a great focal point to a room. Fully automated, running on pellets, with much more control & less time refuelling. Usually used to heat a single room but some models have ducted air which can heat multiple rooms.

Pellet Boiler Stoves:
Similar to the above but with a boiler that will satisfy all you heating & hot water needs throughout your home. Again fully automated & a good choice where space is limited

Pellet Boiler:
Pellet boilers range in size from a few kilowatts (kW), for residential dwellings or small commercial buildings, to megawatt (MW) size units for district heating systems (multi dwelling heating). Pellet systems are generally the most popular choice of appliance due the versatility, responsiveness, ease of operation and being less dependent on manual/user intervention. With some automated systems user intervention is only necessary every 2-3 months for ash removal.

Wood Chip Boiler:
Wood chip boilers are usually used on larger commercial building(s) & similar to pellet boiler layout configuration.

Log Burners

Stand-alone stoves:
Modern log burning stoves can burn wood at maximum efficiency and output with lower emissions that allow a clear view of the fire. These stoves are ideally suited as a secondary heat source or to provide heating for a single room. The addition of a small built in or retro fitted boiler will give the added benefit of helping to provide hot water for your home.

Boiler stoves:
A boiler stove will not only heat the room but also provide hot water and heat to radiators and under floor heating throughout the home. A boiler stove can replace your current boiler or work in conjunction with it so you can enjoy the added benefit of a log burning boiler stove. There are numerous ways of connecting/integrating a boiler stove to your heating system. Using a thermal store, accumulator tank, neutralizer or H2 Link-up panel are only a few ways in which to connect, control, & balance heat demand & satisfaction between the solid fuel appliance and your conventional boiler. Ensuring that when the boiler stove is up to temperature all the energy is efficiently distributed to the hot water and central heating system, only calling on the automatic boiler to top up when & if needed.

Log Batch boilers:
A log batch boiler is a boiler that will deliver your homes heat energy needs for the next 24 to 72hrs in a 6 to 10hr burn time. The heat would then be stored in a large accumulator tank that can then be distributed & used over a number of days dependent on a number of factors, ie system design, weather & occupancy.

Site surveys and quotes

At Conduction (UK) Ltd we have vast experience and skill in the design and installation of Biomass heating. We can help you decide what is the right appliance and system for your home or business heating requirements. Our fully trained installers will answer your queries, organise a survey, provide you with a quote, install and commission your boiler and continue to provide after-sales support.

Previous projects includes simple single pellet boiler installations to systems that incorporate under floor heating, swimming pool and Jacuzzi heat, solar thermal in addition to providing district heat to additional properties. We take great pride in our ability to deliver bespoke systems that deliver heat where you need it, when you need it. Where space inside your building is an issue or if your preference it to install your appliance externally, alternative solutions are available. External units are available in a choice of sizes to house you Biomass boiler along with the wood pellet storage unit and all the necessary connections and fittings. These are delivered ready-made and lifted straight onto a suitable base, your new sustainable boiler system can be up and running in a very short space of time.

All our customers both commercial and domestic who have met the criteria are now benefitting from quarterly RHI payments. As RHI rates will be reduced periodically it would be wise to consider an installation without delay

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